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Pirates of the Caribbean and the Dead Man's Chest: What do the characters think about you? (Detailed)

Captain Jack Sparrow: Believe it or not, but I think you have captured Captain Jack Sparrows heart. He fell for your kind and caring nature. Dont get me wrong, but you can handle and protect yourself all the same. He isnt making a move on you. He actually respects you and waits for the right moment, He likes to spend time with you and is unusually protective over you. And guess what? You are the only one who can stop him from getting drunk. You have tamed the untamable. You are the thing that fills his mind ever so often. He may not admit it, but he yearns for your love, touch and body. He adores you heck, even more than he adores the Black Pearl or the Ocean. To him, you are like the ocean to every pirate or sailor you are the heart of this pirate.

Will Turner: He is very happy for Jack when he saw how he looked at you. He likes you and thinks that you and Jack are meant for each other. He is the one who always tells Jack to express what he feels but Jack always do otherwise. He is very happy to see his friend very cheerful and happy all the time but even if you and Jack end up to fight he and Elizabeth are always there to bring the two of you back together.

Elizabeth Swann: She cries every time she sees you and Jack together. She is very happy for the both of you and really loves you more than anything. She likes the way you and Jack can sometimes get into arguments but still get back together and be friends again. Friends? Yes, she knows that you and Jack are just friends but knows that one day you and Jack could be more than she could hope. Elizabeth loves you like a sister and is always with you.

James Norrington: He finds you very charming. He cant believe that you and Jack are very close and cant believe that Jack is actually changing for the better. He finds you very funny and kind, he likes you very much and is infatuated with you but he knows that you would most likely be happier with Jack and back off and accept that the two of you are just very close friends.

Mr. Gibbs: He is very proud of you and Jack though it wouldnt seem like anything is going on with the both of you but he knows that deep down you are both crazy about each other. He finds you very innocent and treats you as his daughter. He gives warnings to Jack to take good care of you but Jack always denies that he has feelings for you.

Davey Jones: Thinks you are a very beautiful woman. You remind him of the Ocean, calm, innocent and fragile but if necessary, fierce, strong-willed and strong. He is very happy for Jack because he reminds him of his own love life but still is out to get the both of you.

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